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The Games We Play
Dave swore as he tossed the controller on his knee. The words “Game Over” flashed for what seemed like the billionth time that night.
Jade pouted next to him. “Aww, you were so close!”
“It’s ridiculous,” Dave sighed. “The Grim Reaper’s the hardest boss in the game, except maybe Dracula. All those stupid scythes flying around like a bunch of drunken seagulls don’t give you any room to move. And they put in that motherf***ing long-ass hallway before him just to take all your health.”
“Don’t worry,” Jade said, patting his back. “I’m sure you’ll get him this time!”
He took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. “Screw it, I’m done. This game sucks.”
Jade frowned. “Where did the cool kid Strider I know go off to?”
“I don’t know. I guess he took the last train to I-Don’t-Give-A-F***ville and is blasting all his sick beats so he can’t
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Lingering Chaos
The Royal Gardens of Canterlot were calm that evening. The gardeners, having finished their work for the day, had all returned to their homes and waiting families. The wildlife had retreated to the forested area, preparing for the coming night. The sun cast its warm glow across the grounds, turning everything to a wonderful shade of orange.
Princess Celestia found no comfort in any of it.
Her attention was focused on the gallery of statues, or rather, the one spot that had, until recently, been occupied by the stone prison of Discord. His presence there had never made her happy he was there simply so she would immediately know if something went wrong but now that he was gone, her worries only seemed stronger.
"Enjoying this fine sunset, my dear?"
Speak of the devil. Celestia turned to see the (recently reformed, she reminded herself) Spirit of Chaos, sitting at a table that had been an ordinary blue-and-yellow mushroom moments ago. She supposed that she should be grateful th
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Time Crisis, Ch 4: Revelation
The Everfree castle ruins were very different from their Canterlot counterpart. As opposed to gilded halls of white marble, this castle had greyed with age, stripped of everything of value either by the treasury or scavenging ponies. Its design bore a significant resemblance to the human gothic style, further adding to the disconcerting atmosphere surrounding it.
It would have been fascinating to the Doctor under any other circumstance.
He was an odd sight in those halls, especially if one had known him before that moment. Gone was the spring in his step, the air of childish wonder and curiosity; and its place, a slow trot and the hardened face of a colt that had seen too many wars, and lost too many friends.
He came to a stairway that led up the tallest tower; the same one, he had been told, where Twilight and her friends had defeated Nightmare Moon. His sensitivity to the forces of time told him he would find the source of the paradox there.
The steps almost seemed as if they went on
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Time Crisis, Ch 3: A Walk in the Dark
The Everfree forest was never known for its luminosity, but today it seemed darker than it had ever been. Even the animals knew something was wrong; the forest was silent as the grave, save for the seven ponies cautiously making their way through it.
The Doctor would have liked to have landed the TARDIS closer to their destination, but remembering what had happened during his last encounter with Reapers, landing far from the epicenter was the safest route for now. And so the six walked, consumed by a very uncomfortable silence.
Applejack cleared her throat awkwardly. "So, uh…new look?"
"Hm?" the Doctor said distractedly. "Oh, yes. I regenerated, like I said I was before I left last time. You know, die and get a new body and all that."
"And a new fashion sense, it would seem," said Rarity. "I thought I threw out all your bow ties."
"Oi! Bow ties are cool."
The mare chuckled. "If bow ties are cool, then I'm Princess Celestia."
Soft laughter spread through the group. The Doctor smile
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Time Crisis, Ch 2: Truth and Consequences
He had finally come. At the last moment, when all seemed lost, the Doctor flew in at last to save the day.
Twilight didn't know whether to smile or cry.
"Now then!" the Doctor said, looking around the room. "What seems to be the probleOOOHHHH MY GOODNESS!"
The colt had found the monsters, who were floating behind the TARDIS almost bewilderedly.
"Well, you were right to call me! Reapers! In Equestria! Now, what are you doing here? It's alright, the TARDIS' translator is on, go ahead."
We have crossed before, the Reapers responded telepathically. The Oncoming Storm. The Scourge of the Daleks. You were…taller before.
"Long story. But anyway, what are you doing here? You lot feed on paradoxes, so that means something terrible must have happened."
The stream has been altered. The flow is dissected, spliced, wrong. Few have noticed, but that will soon change. If we act, it will be confined to this planet.
"At the expense of thousands of lives," the Doctor concluded.
:icontoatarkana:ToaTarkana 1 1
Time Crisis, Ch 1: The Return
It was a fine day at the Intergalactic Travelling Carnival – or at least, the artificial facsimile of day. Being located on a space freighter, the inhabitants and visitors didn't have the luxury of a natural light cycle, so instead the ship's lights were programmed to mimic the sun of the current system, as to provide the greatest amount of comfort for its customers.
The carnival was a maze of booths, rides and people of all species. From end to end, the deck was filled with sideshows, eateries and toys from across the universe, all come together in order to create the most fantastic carnival of whatever system it travelled into; the managers even constructed their schedule to coincide with many planets' breaks from school in order to maximize the children's attendance.
Among the thousands of children wandering around on this particular stop, there were three adults; one of which, given the way he acted, looked as if he ought to have been a child anyway.
Amy Williams smirked at th
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LATDS, Ch 7: Journey's End
The six mares went on many more adventures with the Doctor. They saw the farthest reaches of the universe, met all kinds of new beings, and fought many foes. For a while, it seemed like one great dream from which they never wanted to wake up.
But soon, their love for home, friends and family caught up with them. As wonderful their adventures had been, they agreed it was time to go home.
They arrived a few weeks after they had last left, and were met with open arms. All of Ponyville had gathered to welcome them home; somehow, Pinkie had been able to tell them of their return.
Each of the six mares had something to show for their journey. Twilight Sparkle's bags were full of new books from other worlds, and her mind was swarming with new research ideas. Rainbow Dash had employed all sorts of new tricks against the monsters they met, and was eager to adapt them into flying tricks. Rarity's cargo, dutifully transported by the stallions of the village, consisted of several large crates of e
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I Wish We Could All Win
I wish the tortoise could befriend the hare,
That people could find the time to care,
And this life we live was truly fair,
I wish we could all win.
If only the rich would notice the poor,
The debtors realize they could have done more,
And those in between help open those doors,
I wish we could all win.
The lost ones would see that it's not too late,
A dying world may find its escape,
So every sinner may see heaven's gates,
I wish we could all win.
:icontoatarkana:ToaTarkana 0 2
LATDS, Ch 6: Equestria Rising, Part 2
"I don't understand," Starswirl said, following the Doctor as he paced around the room. "How is looking for a legend going to help end this conflict?"
The Doctor tapped his screwdriver impatiently before waving it around again. "When you've been around as long as I have, Starswirl, you begin to assume that all myths are true. Trust me, it saves you a lot of unfortunate surprises in the long run."
"And this…stick of yours is supposed to help us find them?"
The brown colt held the screwdriver in front of his face. "This, my wizard friend, is a sonic screwdriver. It can do a while mess of things I won't go into right now, but right now it can get a lock on an energy source – magic, in this case – and lead me to its location." He smacked the device again, frowning. "At least it will, after I isolate Celestia's magic. Oh, why did we have to be in the Unicorn District?"
"Actaully, I think I can help," Twilight offered. "Celestia's guards have a spell they use for locating her
:icontoatarkana:ToaTarkana 5 4
More secretive than the dragons, colder than the griffons, as strong, fast and powerful as the three pony tribes; the changelings are all these.
The legends say it began with an alicorn in love. She fell for the stallion of her dreams, but he was betrothed to another. Jealousy boiled within her like balloon ready to burst, until one day she killed the thieving mare in a fit of rage.
Murder was virtually unheard of in the alicorn city, but she felt no remorse. The stallion was rightfully hers, after all.
Taking the victim's place was a simple trick of magic. Finally, she had her stallion. But she knew the love he felt was for the mare she posed as, not herself. She needed to feel that love directly.
So another spell was crafted, one of darker origin that would allow her to directly tap into the energy of his love. These magics did not sit well together, and slowly, she became an abomination of dark magic, as twisted as her own desires.
She was not blind to their effects. But the love
:icontoatarkana:ToaTarkana 8 4
LATDS, Ch 5: Equestria Rising, Part 1
Starswirl put down his glasses and rubbed the edge of his nose. The winter was receding – a natural one, thankfully – but it wasn't helping his sleep any. His position as the Chief Magician of the new nation of Equestria was one that meant many long nights, especially in these early months as the finer points of the government were being nailed out.
At least he still had Clover as his assistant. He smiled, remembering how she had served as Princess Platinum's aide when he was too sick to attend the summit of the three tribes so long ago. He would never have guessed that she would end up helping to unite them in their new home.
He caught a glimpse of purple in the corner of his eye. "Ah, Clover. Could you find my notes on temporal displacement? I believe I'm close – "
He turned to see a very excited-looking purple unicorn mare. She looked very much like Clover – a dead ringer, even – but something about her behavior and her magical aura was decidedly different.
:icontoatarkana:ToaTarkana 3 3
LATDS, Ch 4.5: Future Mark
"Well? Are you going to touch it?"
"No way I'm touching it! Apple Bloom, you do it!"
"Nuh-uh! Sweetie Belle's the oldest, she should do it!"
"I'm not even a year older than you, that doesn't count!"
"Well, somebody's gotta do it, and it's not gonna be me!"
The Cutie Mark Crusaders stood before the blue box just outside of Ponyville. They had heard stories of the Doctor for weeks now, and they had finally decided to meet the colt himself.
A plan that had already hit a snag.
"Maybe we should just wait until he comes out," Sweetie Belle suggested.
"But that could take hours," Scootaloo groaned. "He could leave without ever coming out!"
Apple Bloom rolled her eyes. "Well, if we're not going to knock, then we should just call him."
The three fillies took deep breaths and yelled in unison: "DOCTOR!! ARE YOU IN THERE?!"
"You know, if you're going to yell at me, you might as well yell at me."
They turned and faced the Doctor, who wore an amused smile on his face and saddlebags fu
:icontoatarkana:ToaTarkana 6 6
LATDS, Ch 4: Pinkie's Odyssey
The control room was filled with all sorts of noises as the Doctor worked underneath the control column. Pinkie Pie sat happily nearby, hooked up to the column with a great tangle of wires.
The other five ponies looked on, knowing and fearing the inevitable outcome.
"Uh, Doc…what are you doing?" Rainbow Dash asked.
"Science!" the colt yelled back. He emerged from his work, his mane frizzier than before and sonic screwdriver in his mouth. "You girls had better stick around, because I am, once and for all, going to figure out what makes this mare tick!"
His declaration was met with a round of facehooves and groans.
"Listen, sugarcube," Applejack said, "When you've been around Pinkie as long as we have…"
"You discover some mysteries are better left unsolved," Rarity finished.
"Oh, but that's no fun!" The Doctor grinned widely. "We are friends with a pony that lives in direct defiance of the basic laws of physics and you expect me to act as if that's entirely normal
:icontoatarkana:ToaTarkana 5 6
LATDS, Ch 3.5: The Knocking
"Okay!" The Doctor clapped his hooves together and faced the six mares assembled around the TARDIS' control pillar. "We have achieved safe passage into the Time Vortex, the crossroads of time and space. Where to?"
"Well, I've always wanted to see what ancient Equestria was like," Twilight answered. "Maybe we could see some of the great pony scholars. Ooh, we could even meet Star Swirl the Bearded!"
Rainbow Dash scoffed. "C'mon, Twilight, don't be such an egghead all the time. Everyone knows the future is where it's at! And not just fifty or sixty years, I mean really in the future! Like robots and lasers and spaceships in the future!"
"No thanks," said Applejack. "Ah've read too many of them robot-revolution books to want t'go that far."
Rarity raised her brow in surprise. "Applejack, I didn't know you read science fiction."
The orange earth pony coughed. "Well, eh, Ah don't read 'em that often. Only two or three." Her eyes shifted. "A month."
"Of course, dear," Rarity said with a know
:icontoatarkana:ToaTarkana 5 5
LATDS, Ch 3: The Bubble Girl
AUTHOR'S NOTE: It is highly recommended that you read the fanfiction Bubbles (see description) before reading this chapter, or else the full emotional intent of the chapter will not be realized. Manly tears may follow. Or girly tears, if you're female.
..."Girly tears?" Is that even a thing?

The TARDIS' doors opened to a dark forest. The Doctor wasn't sure why she had taken him here – alone, no less – but he wasn't one to turn down a mystery.
The forest, which he assumed was the Everfree, seemed to be unnaturally shadowed, even though it was nightfall. The plants were overgrown from years of desertion, and the Doctor heard many sounds he couldn't identify.
As fascinating a place it was, the colt was still uncertain why the TARDIS has brought him here – until he heard a faint sobbing.
He followed the noise through the trees and bushes until he found the source of the noise: a small grey pegasus filly with blonde hair. When she turned to look at him, he noticed
:icontoatarkana:ToaTarkana 4 9
LATDS, Ch 2.5: Midnight Visitation
At the top of the tallest tower in the Canterlot castle, the royal sisters' bedchambers glow at night. And on the northern side of the tower, a balcony extends from the room, designed to give a perfect vantage point for observing both the ponies living on the land below and the movement of the sun and moon in the skies above. And on many nights, a single alicorn can be seen there, dark as the night itself with a mane composed of a unique sea of stars.
It felt odd to Luna to stand on this balcony, to live in this castle. All her memories of royal life before were of the old castle in what was now the Everfree Forest; she hadn't been here when her residual magic changed that place into the cursed wood it was today, or when Celestia had commissioned the construction of the new castle. She was supposed to feel at home here, but it was all so…foreign. As if she was taking something that did not belong to her.
She shook her head. This is your home, she told herself, You are me
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Today's my 20th birthday, so I figured it's a good a time as any to give you guys a little update.

First of all, I would like to apologize for running out on you so quickly with the cancellation of Time Crisis. It had gotten to the point where I was simply sick of the story and wanted nothing to do with it anymore. THAT SAID, I do not have any plans of continuing the story, or giving it to anyone else to continue for me. As sad as it is to say, Time Crisis is well and truly dead.

There are a few reasons for why I decided it was time to stop. First of all, I realized what I wanted to do was much to big. It would have involved a host of new characters, many of whom do not have concrete personalities or back stories. This was certainly a problem, since I had difficulty juggling the involvement of the Mane 6 before. On top of that, even as far as I got, I never had the whole story planned out, as opposed to the previous stories, where I more or less had the entire thing laid out before I even started writing.

Second of all was that I was simply tired of the story. The more I looked at what I wanted to do, the more I realized that I couldn't do it, and even if I tried, it would be nowhere near how good I wanted it to be. And besides, I had been writing for the same series for more than two years; I felt it was time to do something else. Thankfully, now that Summer's here, I have time to do that!

The third reason is interesting, since I didn't even realize it until I started to re-read the first two stories on a whim: I don't like writing for the 11th Doctor. Matt Smith is a wonderful actor, but my discontent for the character mainly stems from how Steven Moffat has been actively destroying the show (but that's a post for another day). Looking at the previous stories, I remembered how much I loved coming up with the 10th Doctor's lines, how great it was to make him bounce off the Mane 6, but when I wrote for 11, he didn't seem to have that same life to him. Writing him was a chore, instead of being fun.

But anyway, it is what it is. I'm gonna start writing again soon, but I think I'm going to let MLP rest for a while. I'm not leaving the fandom or anything, I just want to write for something other than ponies, unless of course inspiration suddenly strikes me.

Thank you for watching me, have a great day, and happy birthday to me.


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